Keystroke dataset for 'The detection of movement-related disease by changes in keystroke characteristics while typing

Published: 27 January 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/z39mhdsynx.3
Warwick Adams


This is the keystroke dataset for the research study titled 'The detection of movement-related disease by changes in keystroke characteristics while typing' , by Dr Warwick Adams (2019). The dataset contains keystroke logs collected from over 500 subjects, with and without Parkinson's Disease (PD), as they typed text on their own computer (without any supervision) over a period of weeks or months (having initially installed a custom keystroke recording application, Tappy). The keystroke acquisition software ('Tappy') provided timing accuracy of key press and release timestamps to within several milliseconds. The research and its associated data was approved by the Charles Sturt University HREC as protocol number H1703 and conducted according to that approval. The files comprise multiple Zip archives, one with the participant detail files and the others containing the keystroke data files for each user. The details of each are below. Archived -------------------- The filename of each user file contains a 10 character code, used to cross reference to the keystroke data files for that user. The fields are: Birth Year: Year of birth Gender: Male/Female Parkinsons: Whether they have Parkinson's Disease [True/False] Tremors: Whether they have tremors [True/False] Diagnosis Year: If they have Parkinson's, when was it first diagnosed Whether there is sidedness of movement [Left/Right/None] (self reported) UPDRS: The UPDRS score (if known) [1 to 5] Impact: The Parkinsons disease severity or impact on their daily life [Mild/Medium/Severe] (self reported) Levadopa: Whether they are using Sinemet and the like [Yes/No] DA: Whether they are using a dopamine agonist [Yes/No] MAOB: Whether they are using an MAO-B inhibitor [Yes/No] Other: Whether they are taking another Parkinson's medication [Yes/No] Archived (where nn goes from 01 to13) ------------------- Each included .txt file contains comma separated keystroke data for one month for a particular user. The filename comprises the 10 character code (matching the user details file) and the YYMM of the data. The fields are: UserKey: 10 character code for that user Date: YYMMDD Timestamp: HH:MM:SS.SSS Hand: L or R key pressed Hold time: Time between press and release for current key mmmm.m milliseconds Direction: Previous to current LL, LR, RL, RR (and S for a space key) Latency time: The time between pressing the previous key and



Parkinson's Disease, Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease