Dynamic coefficient data of an electric motorcycle

Published: 6 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z3brzcfj88.1
Pavel Michel Almaguer Zaldivar, Julio Hurtado-Betancourt, Walter Almaguer-Díaz,


Dynamic coefficient is used to calculate parts subject by dynamic loads. To determine the stress state under dynamic loads it is important to evaluate the mehcanic behaviour of the parts. In this dataset is showed results for the dynamic coefficient kd in the rear wheel of an electric motorcycle. Dynamic coefficient was calculated like de relationship between the dynamic and static displacement of the spring of the shock absorber. The lenght of the spring was obtained by means of pictures that was processes in the SolidWorks software. In this study was obtained that the maximum dynamic coefficient is equal to 1,59.


Steps to reproduce

1. Selection of the points of the measurement on the shock absorber spring. 2. Determination of the unloaded spring length. 3. Determination of the length of the spring with the least static load. 4. Calculation of the static displacement of the spring est. 5. Determination of the spring length with dynamic loading ldin. 6. Calculation of the dynamic displacement of the spring din. 7. Calculation of the dynamic coefficient kd.


Universidad de Holguin Oscar Lucero Moya


Materials Mechanics, Applied Mechanics