Reverse blending case study : Data set and results

Published: 18 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z3sbn5j9z7.1
Latifa BENHAMOU, Vincent GIARD


Reverse blending (RB) is a new one-stage blending problem of Operational Research where the constraints of meeting the outputs requirements are similar to Blending Problem one, but where inputs are not pre-existing and need to be defined (in both number and composition) simultaneously with the quantities to be used in the blending process. RB was designed to meet the challenge of fertilizers mass customization, it can be used to obtain a wide variety of customized fertilizers from a small number of inputs, called Canonical Basis Inputs. These data include a data set of 700 fertilizer requirements and their characteristics as well as the results of the different problems related to RB.



Supply Chain Management, Fertilizer, Quadratic Programming, Sustainable Agriculture