Experiments dataset for "Barchan dunes on bidispersed granular beds"

Published: 2 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z42c97sw4c.1


This dataset contains information from experiments about the paper "Barchan dunes on bidispersed granular beds". The files contain information about Matlab scripts for extracting images from the .MOV files, and then to process those images to obtain dunes' information such as centroid of the dunes, detection and tracking the particles. Also, we present some videos from the experiments which are related to the results shown in the article.


Steps to reproduce

These data present figures and movies to reproduce the results in "Barchan dunes on bidispersed granular beds". The EPS_figures folder presents the trajectories of the particles over the barchan dunes for the cases g, h, and I in .eps format. These figures are also presented in the article. The RAW_Data folder contains all the processed images for the cases g, h, and I for the top view as well as for the side view. Note that the nomenclature of Camera_xx_Qyy_zzzz is: for xx (sp=top view, ft=side view), for yy (is the mean flow rate that corresponded to a Re of 1.47x10^4), and for zzzz (2080=case i, 5050= case h, and 8020=case g). The tracking folder contains all the scripts to detect and track the particles as well as to follow the centroid of the barchans from the images. The videos folder presents some videos for the cases e, h, and q in real-time as well as in a speed 2x the real-time. Finally the script extract_images.m helps to open the .MOV videos from the experiments in .PNG images. If you need the information for the other cases presented in the article, please feel free to contact the authors.


Universidade Estadual de Campinas


Dunes, Characterization of Segregation of Particle, Granular Matter