Data for: Redox reactions control Cu and Fe isotope fractionation in a magmatic Ni-Cu mineralization system

Published: 24 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z464c5nfty.1
Chunji Xue


Copper and Fe are redox-sensitive metals, and their isotopic compositions may potentially record changes of oxidation conditions in high-temperature magmatic Ni–Cu mineralization systems. High-precision Cu and Fe isotope data for sulfides (chalcopyrite) and whole-rock samples of the Tulaergen magmatic Ni–Cu system (NW China) were analyzed to evaluate redox-induced fractionation during segregation of sulfide melt from silicate melt and internal fractionation within segregated sulfide melt. Table 1 Chalcophile elements (PGE, Cu, and Ni) and S contents of whole-rock samples from the Tulaergen deposit. Table 2 Copper and Fe isotopic compositions and Cu/Fe ratios of chalcopyrite separates, and whole-rock Fe isotopic compositions from the Tulaergen magmatic Ni–Cu mineralization system.