Psychological Armor: Science Service Warns Against Propaganda in The Science News-Letter (1926-1965)

Published: 5 October 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/z4jc73tsrd.3
Susan E. Swanberg


This data describes and lists the classification of Science News-Letter articles (published 1926-1966) containing the word "propaganda."


Steps to reproduce

A search of Science News-Letter articles was conducted using JSTOR archives for The Science News-Letter. Articles (published between 1926 and 1966) were read and classified based on whether they contained merely an incidental reference to the word "propaganda" or discussed some aspect of propaganda in more detail. The brevity of the article was not the deciding factor in classifying the reference to propaganda as incidental or substantive. There were no articles found in 1966. The last article containing the word "propaganda" - published before The Science News-Letter changed its format and became Science News - was published in 1965. This survey did not include mentions of the word "propaganda" contained in front matter, back matter, book reviews, advertisements, or errata.


University of Arizona