Comparison of Gabapentin and Quetiapine in treating delirium

Published: 12 December 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z4swww2z23.2


This data set shows retrospective comparison of gabapentin and quetiapine in treating delirium, with regard to efficacy and adverse effects. The data suggests that GBP is likely to ameliorate delirium more effectively than, or equally to quetiapine. Gabapentin could be an effective and safe alternative to antipsychotics for the treatment of delirium in patents who are vulnerable to antipsychotics. On the other hand, its dosage should be adjusted to avoid somnolence, and should be used carefully for patients with severe kidney disease or myoclonus.



Geriatrics, Delirium, Psychosomatic Medicine, Liaison Psychiatry