ABC-GOALScl score predicts admission to the intensive care unit and mortality of geriatric COVID-19 patients

Published: 5 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z4z22nbmmz.1
, Mario Bermudez de Leon


These database contain raw and processed information about COVID patients from the Zone General Hospital No. 4 at Mexican Social Security Institute, in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. BACKGROUND: One of the risk factors for getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and reaching high mortality rates is older age. Older age is also associated with comorbidities, which are risk factors for severe COVID-19 infection. Among the tools that have been evaluated to predict intensive care unit (ICU) admission and mortality is ABC-GOALScl. AIM: In the present study we validated the utility of ABC-GOALScl to predict in-hospital mortality in geriatric subjects who were positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus at the moment of admission with the purpose of optimizing sanitary resources and offering personalized treatment for these patients. METHODS: This was an observational, descriptive, transversal, and retrospective study of geriatric subjects (≥ 60 years of age), hospitalized due to COVID-19 infection at a general hospital in northeastern Mexico. A logistical regression model was used for data analysis. RESULTS: 243 subjects were included in the study, whom 145 (59.7 %) passed away, while 98 (40.3 %) were discharged. Average age was 71, and 57.6 % were male. The prediction model ABC-GOALScl included sex, body mass index, Charlson comorbidity index, dyspnea, arterial pressure, respiratory frequency, SpFi coefficient (Saturation of oxygen/Fraction of inspired oxygen ratio), serum levels of glucose, albumin, and lactate dehydrogenase; all were measured at the moment of admission. The area under the curve for the scale with respect to the variable of discharge due to death was 0.73 (IC 95 % = 0.662 - 0.792). CONCLUSION: The ABC-GOALScl scale to predict ICU admission in COVID-19 patients is also useful to predict in hospital death in COVID-19 patients ≥ 60 years old.


Steps to reproduce

"Raw data" file contains all information from patients with suspected COVID-19. *.sps files contain codes for analysis in SPSS software *.sav contain outputs of analysis


Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Delegacion Nuevo Leon


Geriatrics, Intensive Care Unit, Mortality, Hospital, COVID-19