Awareness of Modern Menstrual care devices and their use among University Students

Published: 25 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z4zsrdtwg7.1
Navneet kaur Tanu,


Menstruation, a natural process experienced by half the population, is often surrounded by social stigma and limited information regarding menstrual care. Disposable products are the market leader, but newer options like menstrual cups and period underwear are gaining traction. University students, as they navigate personal health practices, could benefit from understanding these modern menstrual care devices (MCDs). This study investigates university students' awareness and use of MCDs. It explores their current menstrual care routines, knowledge of alternative options, and factors influencing their adoption of these devices. To assess menstrual product use among 322 university students (aged 18-25), a self-developed and validated questionnaire was employed. This questionnaire underwent a three-phase development process: first, a comprehensive literature review identified the key areas to be covered. Second, interviews with participants and consultations with experts (physiotherapists) helped create specific questionnaire items. Finally, the Delphi method ensured content validity by sending the questionnaire to nine experts for review.The study surveyed 322 female university students. Pads were the dominant product (94.1%), with challenges like changing them during college hours (45%). While menstrual cups (19.5%) and reusable pads (23.3%) had lower current usage, a majority (67.6%) expressed interest in their cost and environmental benefits. Lack of awareness (37.9%) was identified as a barrier, but a significant portion (77.6%) of students were interested in switching to MCDs. This study highlights the potential for MCD adoption among university students. Pads remain dominant, but interest in alternatives exists due to cost, sustainability, and comfort concerns. Addressing awareness and cultural barriers could promote wider use of MCDs.



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Menstrual Cycle, College Student, Menstrual Cycle Pain, Menstruation