Data for: Identification of the Apollo 12 Lunar Module Ascent Stage impact site on the Moon

Published: 24 May 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z526trcntk.1
Philip Stooke,
michael marcus


M122353240LC-crop-flip-contrast.png is part of LROC NAC image M122353240LC which has been cropped, flipped in the vertical direction to place north near the top, and contrast-stretched. It has been extended on the western (left) side to create space for part of the mapped data which falls just outside the image. M122353240LC-map-overlay.png is the same image as M122353240LC-crop-flip-contrast.png with an overlay showing dark streaks apparently associated with the Apollo 12 Lunar Module Ascent Stage impact. The streaks were visually identified on a contrast-enhanced version of the image and on versions processed by merging with an image having opposite illumination as described in the text. A small extension of the streak map outside the area of image M122353240LC was added by registering adjacent images to the geometry of M122353240LC, not shown here.



Planetary Geomorphology