Two-color 3D dSTORM sample data on Rad51 and RPA

Published: 16-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z53y4654fs.1
Kalina Haas


This set contains sample two-color 3D dSTORM data published in Haas et al., 2018, Nucleic Acid Research. For more information on the sample, data, and methods description, please refer two the above publication. The data was acquired on Nikon N-STORM in 3D mode using the astigmatism approach. It contains two folders, one for truncated BRCA2 mutation (EUFA) and the other with reconstituted full-length BRCA2 (EUFABRCA2). The data corresponds to 5 hours after exposure to x-ray irradiation and presents super-resolution images of Rad51 and RPA. Each folder contains original data in the '.txt' format and the various analysis steps performed using Grafeo Matlab-based software. The analysis was performed using version 1 of the Grafeo; this and other versions can be found on my GitHub page 'inatamara'. The new updated analysis with the latest Grafeo 3 version should be published shortly.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the analyses steps, download the Grafeo software from: