Data for: A Hybrid Prediction Model of Landslide Displacement with Risk-Averse Adaptation

Published: 05-06-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z58f7yvzxs.1
Jianping Yue,
Yin Xing,
Yuluo Qin,
Chuang Chen,
Jia Hu


We provide the metadata of the experiment. There are 6 groups in total, including 1) Monitored curves of ZG118 station: reservoir water level; 2) Monitored curves of ZG118 station: rainfall; 3) Decomposition results of cumulative displacement; 4) Iterative process of solving hybrid model parameters; 5) Predicted results of periodic displacement using hybrid model; 6) Predicted results of cumulative displacement using SVR, LSTM and hybrid model.