Nurses' knowledge, attitude and practice in Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter-related thrombosis prophylactic practices: A multicentric cross-sectional study

Published: 22 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z5f224gprf.1
Ning Zhang, Yuan Xu, Qiaodan Lu, Yu Wang, Liyun Zhu, Ranxun An, Xinyi Zhou, Haibo Deng, Lei Wang, Jianhua Sun, Xiaojie Wang, Yufen Ma


This data is a multicenter, cross-sectional study measuring knowledge, attitude, and behavior of nurses on PICC-related thrombosis prevention in China. Data collection From April to May 2023, an electronic questionnaire was distributed to the leadership of each participating hospital. Informed consent and standardized instructions for completing the questionnaire were provided, and data were collected through the electronic questionnaire. Each IP address was limited to one submission, and the questionnaire could only be submitted when all items were completed to prevent duplicate entries and ensure data integrity. After the questionnaire data were collected, the data could be automatically exported to an Excel datasheet through the system to avoid the bias of manual data entry. Then the screening data were conducted by two individuals, who carefully reviewed and checked each item of the questionnaire. Options with clear patterns, identical options, or contradictory options were eliminated. All survey data were entered and checked twice for consistency and accuracy. The survey was distributed to 7103 nurses in five regions of China. After excluding unqualified questionnaires, 5544 questionnaires were deemed valid, resulting in a response rate of 78.05%.



Natural Sciences