Modeling Water Redistribution of selective non-uniform biochar application to Palouse hills

Published: 20 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z5vxzmxphj.2
Adam O'Keeffe,


Data for the paper "Modeling water redistribution of selective non-uniform biochar application to Palouse hills". This data comprises information regarding the exploration of using Redwood Sawdust (RSD) biochar as a precision agriculture technique in the Palouse region of the Northwest United States. This data shows promising results for the use of biochar as a precision agriculture technique and warrants further exploration through field testing and further model refinement.


Steps to reproduce

The compiled data was accumulated from a HYPROP and WP4C devices from METER Group. Biochar samples (Redwood Sawdust (RSD) and Wheat Straw (WS)) were mixed to 4% and 7% (rounded) amendment by mass with a Palouse silt loam soil. Each sample was run in replicate (4 runs per sample). The data you see in the compiled data file is the average of each of the 4 replicates. This was deemed to be representative of the overall soil hydraulic properties of the soil with varying levels of biochar amendment. Testing the soil hydraulic properties of the soil relied on the HYPROP manual supplied by METER Group (Pullman, Washington). The manual for the HYPROP can be found here The model validation was performed by comparing measured experimental data and simulated data. This is included in this repository. Weather data was taken from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association) for Spokane, Washington. MATLAB code for the model can be provided upon request (PDE toolbox is required for simulation). With these files, model simulation would be reproducible with the correct MATLAB toolboxes. The Van Genuchten parameters are compiled in "VG parameters.xlsx". Both this file and "Weatherdata.xlsx" are used in the MATLAB code. Additionally, video clips for each of the outputs of the model simulation are included in the supplemental material.


University of Idaho


Agricultural Engineering, Flow Modeling, Water Resources Engineering, Precision Agriculture, Modeling for Agricultural Water Management, Biochar, Biologically Inspired Engineering