Six Mathematica notebooks containing solutions for the response of aquifers to periodic forcing

Published: 4 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z5ygpzcrwc.1
Lloyd Richard Townley


This dataset contains six Mathematica notebooks (.nb files, Version 13.3.0) and six printouts of those notebooks (.pdf files) corresponding to Examples 1 to 6 in a paper published by Townley (1995). An early version of Mathematica was used during preparation of the original paper. In 2021, starting with a set of old .ma files, the six solutions were redeveloped, verified and extended. No errors were found in the mathematical solutions presented by Townley (1995), apart from a missing subscript. However, more than a dozen errors were found in Figures in the original paper, including one due to an error coding a function that was evaluated and plotted, incorrect axis labels, incorrect labels on curves and incorrect Figure captions. A decision was made to prepare an Addendum to the original paper. The author is grateful to the Editor of Advances in Water Resources (AWR), Prof. Graham Sander, for agreeing to publish an Addendum 28.5 years after initial publication (Townley, 2023a). His decision was based partly on the fact that when old issues of AWR were scanned and made available online, a number of 3D graphics became black, so that readers of the paper online have for many years been unable to see and visualise the original results. High quality 3D graphics are now available using the Mathematica notebooks provided here, in this dataset (Townley, 2023b). References: Townley, L.R. (1995), The response of aquifers to periodic forcing, Advances in Water Resources, 18(3), 125-146. Townley, L.R. (2023a), Addendum to: “The response of aquifers to periodic forcing”, 18(3), 125-146, 1995, Advances in Water Resources, Volume 179, September, Article 104518. Townley, L.R. (2023b), Six Mathematica notebooks containing solutions for the response of aquifers to periodic forcing, Mendeley Data, V1, doi: 10.17632/z5ygpzcrwc.1 Export of graphics for publication: The Mathematica notebooks display graphics inside the notebooks. In order to prepare graphics for the new Addendum, plots were exported directly to .svg files (not acceptable for publication at this time), .eps files and .tif files (at 1000 dpi). The Background was set to "None", axes and frames were set to black using Directive[Black], and some labels were deleted. To help others who use Mathematica to produce high quality graphics for publication in future, this dataset also includes HowToExportGraphicsFiles.txt, which shows how to export two graphics files for Example 3.


Steps to reproduce

These Mathematica notebooks were initially developed by Lloyd R. Townley, prior to 1995, and later redeveloped with assistance from Lingfeng Chen. The files saved here were developed using Mathematica Version 13.3.0.


Nanjing Tech University


Hydrogeology, Groundwater Flow, Periodic Solution