Acoustic Nature of Sound Waves in the Universe

Published: 22 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z663mcwx72.2


Scientific Research Data Project Title: Analysis of the Acoustic Nature of Sound Waves in the Universe (Federal University of Paraíba - UFPB, Federal Process Nº 23074.035981/2020-38). Coordination: Prof. André Vieira Sonoda (Department of Digital Media - DEMID/ Federal University of Paraíba - UFPB). Institutional Links: Department of Digital Media - Federal University of Paraíba (DEMID/ UFPB); Graduate Program in Music (PPGM/ UFPB); Research Group - Environmental Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Buildings and the Urban Environment - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq); Ethnomusicology Nucleus - Federal University of Pernanbuco (UFPE). The hypothesis proposed an impossibility of audible aspects in physical environments or vacuum contexts based on biophysical and mathematical concepts, in addition to acoustic analyses. The data show the cognitive nature of the audible aspects; physico-structural similarities between audible and inaudible sound waves; direct relations between the differences in timbre and the amplitude of the individual harmonics of the harmonic series of mechanical waves (sound waves), as well as the brain’s ability to interpret electro-neurological pulses generated in the auditory process. It was concluded that the universe is silent in physical or vacuum mediums. In addition, the biophysical literature, associated with the brain’s ability to interpret electro-neurological pulses from the auditory transduction process, suggests a scientific plausibility of communication between electromagnetic devices and the animal brain, as well as technologically assisted telepathic communication.


Steps to reproduce

Biophysical and acoustic analyses, as well as mathematical calculations.


Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Universidade Federal da Paraiba


Mathematics, Physics, Acoustics, Biophysics