ColESo: Collection of exact solutions for verification of numerical algorithms for simulation of compressible flows

Published: 10 October 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z7mypchgfz.1


ColESo is a set of subroutines that evaluate particular solutions of the Euler equations, the Navier – Stokes equations, and their linearized versions. These solutions were used by the author for the verification of high-order methods for the compressible flow simulation. It is convenient to use an exact solution when it is available for each point of the computational domain, accurate enough, and quick to evaluate. A solution given by a composition of elementary functions is usually a good choice, but the set of such solutions is too limited. ColESo adds to this set several solutions in integral form and provides their quick calculation with a good accuracy.



Computational Physics, Compressible Flow