Experimental Investigation of SVE at Various Collector Configuration Dataset

Published: 30 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z7t7vrsvpn.1


The dataset consists of two files. The first is the raw data collected during the experimental measurements of the Solar Vortex Engine prototype at various collector configurations. The second file consists of the tabulated process variables and the predicted performance variables of the SVE at various configurations. The predicted data were then drawn and included in the second file in graphical format.


Steps to reproduce

The work consisted of an experimental investigation of SVE at four different configurations. The data have been acquired as follows. 1. Set the SVE to the setting configuration 1. 2. Starts the data acquisition hourly from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM. 3. The weather conditions are recorded by the weather station, including solar irradiation, ambient temperature, wind speed and rain data. 4. All thermocouples and temperature problems are connected to a data logger. The records of all temperature data were stored and collected on a USB. 5. The velocity was measured manually using a portable hotwire problem. The velocities were measured at three different locations at the exit of the vortex generator. at each location, two directions of airflow were measured. First, the axial flow direction, and second, the tangential flow direction. Then, the air velocity resultant could be calculated. 6. Change the SVE setting to configuration 2 and repeat the procedure from 2 to 5. 7. Repeat the procedure for setting SVE at configurations 3 and 4. Once the raw data was acquired, the other performance parameters, including the thermal efficiency, the power in the air, and the performance indicator at each hour, for each configuration. Data were classified, tabulated, and used to draw the results in graphical form.


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


Solar Energy, Solar Power Generation, Solar Chimney