Data for: The Impact of Access to Over-the-top Services on Preferences for Mobile Services: A Conjoint Analysis of Mobile Users in Nigeria

Published: 12 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z83t75xm22.1
Erezi Ogbo,


A CBC experiment was designed and administered to elicit stated preferences for mobile services. Participants in the experiment are asked to choose between two different mobile bundled plans or going without mobile service under the assumption that their current mobile plan ends the next day and the plans offered are the new options available. Each mobile plan is characterized by a combination of four attributes which represent the cost of the plan and the mobile services (Internet, voice calls, and text) that can be offered on a mobile plan. Respondents were recruited between June and August 2016 from Lagos and Delta States in Nigeria using a site-based sampling method (N = 390).



Internet, Mobile Device, Broadband, Conjoint Analysis, Nigeria