The EFFICACY Project Database

Published: 18 August 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z8sphs8vvv.2
João Luís Parracha, Beatrice Bartolucci, Giulia Boccacci, Ozge Ogut, Giovanna Bartels, Anna Maria Siani, Francesca Frasca, Chiara Bertolin, Maria Paula Mendes, Inês Flores-Colen


Data were collected from a questionnaire survey prepared within the scope of the EEA Granted EFFICACY (Energy eFFiciency building and CirculAr eConomY for thermal insulating solutions) project. The questionnaire survey was delivered online, mainly in three European countries (i.e., Norway, Portugal and Italy) in the period between November 2022 and February 2023. The questionnaire was prepared in English, Italian and Portuguese. Data were collected responding to the questionnaire survey prepared considering a PESTE analysis (i.e., the questionnaire was designed considering five different sections related to Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental questions). The data provide a new understanding on the use of thermal insulation solutions in building facades located in Norway, Portugal and Italy. The data provide quantitative information on the level of knowledge and perception of the respondents related with thermal insulation performance criteria, as well as the needs regarding thermal comfort inside their dwellings. The data can be useful for researchers working in the field of the energy efficiency of buildings and thermal insulation materials who seek to further understand the use of different thermal insulation solutions in new construction and thermal retrofitting of Norwegian, Portuguese and Italian facades considering stakeholders perception and knowledge. The data is also valuable for building professionals, manufacturers of thermal insulation solutions, and others interested in energy efficiency and building thermal retrofitting.



Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Universidade de Lisboa Instituto Superior Tecnico


Civil Engineering, Thermal Insulation, Building Retrofitting, Building Energy Analysis, Building Engineering


EEA Grants/Norway Grants