Step by step evolution of Indeterminate Domain (IDD) transcriptional regulators: from algae to angiosperms

Published: 18 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z8z5w5tfr9.2
renata reinheimer,


The Indeterminate Domain (IDD) proteins are a plant specific subclass of C2H2 Zinc Finger transcription factors. Some of these transcription factors play roles in diverse aspects of plant metabolism and development; however the function of most of IDDs is unknown and its molecular evolution has not been explored. Here, Prochetto and Reinheimer reconstructed the evolution of IDDs during plant land conquest. They found that IDDs arose from the common ancestor of Streptophyta. Once in land, IDDs experienced a rapid radiation that accompanied key morphological, physiological and biochemical transitions required in plant terrestrialization. The authors present a solid phylogenetic framework of annotated IDD genes which links genetic and functional knowledge from model to non-model species.



Protein, Streptophyta, DNA Transcription, Sequence Analysis