Data for: A Co-Occurrence-based Design Structure Matrix Support with Three-Way-based Learning for Engineering Change Management in Smart Product-Service Systems

Published: 24-01-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z9bc47jj55.1
Pai Zheng,
Chun-Hsien Chen,
Suiyue Shang


This research data (.zip file), as the supplementary materials of the original article, contain the python programs, MATLAB code, engineering change records, and processed data all along the proposed systematic approach consequently. For confidentiality and readability purposes, raw data has been filtered and simplified into a pre-defined information table with only numbers (i.e. number of change records, condition label, and change of the model) presented. It is hoped that the research work together with this elaborate research data can provide insightful knowledge of data-driven engineering change management to other scholars and manufacturers.