An analysis of the perceived food heritage of Haryana: The study of spicy chutneys

Published: 25 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z9hvvg42rs.2
Sunil Kumar


Food is considered to be an important cultural marker of identity in societies. It is a reflection of various aspects like social relations, cultural symbolism, ideology, etc. Truly, food is on intangible heritage ond reflects the significance of being part of people's lives. Food and thus, cuisine are changeable. The change may be due to various reasons like globalisation, influence of other cuisines, and many others. Despite Indian food has gained significant attention by the researchers and practitioners across the world in culinary. the state of Haryana is yet to have documentation of its food heritage. This is vast, simple yet tasty. Thus this paper attempts to investigate on one of the popular food types i.e. the spicy sauces (Chutneys) popularly prepared and consumed in Haryanvi homes on two persFctives i.e. to identify the perceived food heritage of Haryana about chutneys and to understand their relative use in eating habits of the people. The Delphi technique was employed with two different groups of respondents i.e. practicing chefs and academic chefs, fifty respondents were selected from each group with 30 group agreed to participate.



Mizoram University


Ethnic Foods