Programming Procedure in Excel for Calculating Model Variables in a New SEIR Epidemic Model Based on the latent-infectious period chronological order

Published: 30 June 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/z9jsfg8gbs.3
Xiaoping Liu


Our new SEIR epidemic model built from the l-i AIR model [1] has similar terms to the conventional SEIR epidemic model [2]. We have uploaded an instruction file for describing how to write a calculation program in Excel for calculating the model variables S, E, I, R and y. Calculation equations and results in example 1 and example 2 are the same. The difference is that we used absolute cell reference for parameters l and c in example 2. Thus, if parameters l and c are changed, we can just change the value of l in cell D2 and the value of c in cell E2 in example 2. However, in example 1, we have to change codes related to parameters l and c in all cells from B29-Bn, C29-Cn, D29-Dn and E29-En. REFERENCES [1] Liu, X. A simple, SIR-like but individual-based epidemic model: Application in comparison of COVID-19 in New York City and Wuhan. Results Phys 20, 103712 (2021). [2] Liu, X. Analytical Solution of a New SEIR Model Based on Latent Period-Infectious Period Chronological Order. medRxiv,, 2021.2012.2014.21267812 (2021).


Steps to reproduce

We have uploaded an instruction file for describing how to write this calculation program in Excel


West Virginia University Health Sciences Center


Mathematical Modeling, Epidemic Dynamics