InletTracker - A python toolkit for monitoring coastal inlets via Landsat and Sentinel-2

Published: 11 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/z9rywmv886.2


This repository contains the entire open-source code of InletTracker as well as the key input data necessary to reproduce the results of the corresponding journal publication. InletTracker is a Google Earth Engine enabled open-source python software package that first uses a novel least-cost path finding approach to trace inlet channels along and across the berm/barrier/bar, and then analyses the resulting transects to infer whether an entrance is open or closed. Our study highlighted that InletTracker is able to consistently and accurately infer open vs. closed inlet states and can even provide an indication of the degree of inlet opening for larger inlets. The data that InletTracker can generate will help to answer a range of remaining questions around processes, dynamics, and drivers (i.e., waves vs. rainfall vs. tide) of inlets in different coastal and hydroclimatic settings around the globe.



University of New South Wales


Estuary, Coastal Engineering, Landsat Satellite, Optical Remote Sensing, Algorithm Development for Remote Sensing, Coastal Evolution