Examining psychological stress through the lens of physiological signals: BIOSTRESS dataset

Published: 11 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z9y2fn38fp.1
, Çağla ÇÖPÜRKAYA, Elif MERİÇ, Elif Berra ERİK


A survey was utilized to collect data on the respondents' demographics, anxiety histories, and stress levels in order to choose the individuals who would be the fittest for the study. There were two components to the survey that the participants were requested to complete for the research. The first section is comprised of personal questions, while the second section is made up of questions from the TOAD Stress Scale (34 questions). After that, the participants were given the option to take part in a stress-inducing session that lasted for 15 minutes with an expert psychologist in the field. During this time, physiological data was taken from the participants. A few weeks later, during the exams, physiological data was collected. Throughout the entirety of these sessions, the wearable sensor device known as Empatica E4 was used for the purpose of continuously collecting physiological signals.



Istanbul Kultur Universitesi


Computer Science, Data Science, Psychosocial Stress