Applied Biomedical Engineering Using Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Models - Chapter 2 Introduction to Cognitive Science, Cognitive Computing, and Human Cognitive

Published: 6 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/z9yc2k598s.1
Jorge Garza-Ulloa


The analysis for applying multidisciplinary engineering principles of medicine and biology for health purposes for body injuries, illness, and neurological disorders can be separated by the typical symptoms of these disorders. They are generally divided into: “motor symptoms related to movement disorders” and “nonmotor symptoms related to cognition and no related to movement disorders".The “nonmotor symptoms” and “others physical and mental changes” are studied as “cognitive changes” analysis in this book under cognitive computing. As well as general body injuries, illness and disorders are the focus of this book: “Applied Biomedical Engineering Using Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Models,". Please read chapter 2 at science direct: “Linguistics” is the scientific study of language and involves analyzing language form, its meaning and context. It has evolved in cognition as “Natural Language Processing (NLP).” “NLP” is a branch of “AI technology” used to aid computers to understand human’s natural language. Its main objectives are to read or hear, understand, analyze, manipulate, and generate as text or speech human language or vice versa through the application of “AI algorithms.” Section 2.5 Natural Language Processing (NLP) steps. 2.6.1 Natural Language Processing applications with MATLAB Section 2.6.2 “NLP Topic Models” with MATLAB". Research 2.1: “NLP Topic Models between a blog with a patient with neurologic disease and a researcher”. Section 2.6.3 “NLP audio files” with MATLAB. Developing a MATLAB program for this research: “NLP MATLAB audio files” Section 2.6.4 “NLP Text to Speech” using MATLAB. Research 2.3: “NLP Text to Speech” as action generation using MATLAB. Section 2.6.5 “NLP Speech to Text” with MATLAB and IBM Cloud API. Research 2.4: “NLP Text to Speech” as action generation using MATLAB and IBM Cloud API Section 2.8.1 IBM Cloud solution for natural language processing. 2.8.2 IBM Cloud exercise to create APIs for NLP applications.



Natural Language Processing, Cognition, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Artificial Intelligence Programming Language, Human Cognition