Data for: Geomorphic variability of submarine channelized systems along continental margins: comparison with fluvial meandering channels

Published: 8 February 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zb8nndgw2r.2
Martin Lemay,
Jean-Louis Grimaud,
Isabelle Cojan,
jacques rivoirard,
Fabien Ors


The present dataset consists of a description of geomorphic features and a collection of measurements from worldwide modern submarine channelized systems. Submarine sediment conduits are classified in four types (canyon, valley, incised channel, leveed channel) based on two geomorphic criteria: presence of external levees or not, presence of terraces and/or internal levees or not. Sediment conduit slope, planform (sinuosity, wavelength, amplitude) and cross-sectional (area, width, maximal and mean bankfull depth) parameters are measured according to the same a methodology to the one defined in fluvial systems. This dataset is to our knowledge one of the most exhaustive compilation of submarine conduits from the continental slope to the deep sea basin and spanning over nearly 3 orders of magnitude in terms of conduit width.



Submarine Geomorphology, Turbidity Current