Effect of Tai Chi Exercise Versus Pilates on Dynamic Balance and Gait in Elderly - A Comparative Study

Published: 3 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zbdv9xmtzt.1
Mukesh Shinde,


Background: Elderly people within the society face plenty of physical & medical problems which make them more at risk of deconditioning & confined to their home and a few of them are impaired mobility, falls, impaired cognition, incontinence, etc. Out of this, falls are common & complex geriatric syndrome. Falls and poor bone health are major causes of disability and accidental home deaths in the older population. Aim: To study the effect of Tai chi exercises versus Pilates on dynamic balance and Gait in elderly. Methodology: A comparative study was conducted on 36 elderly subjects. Subjects were selected according to inclusion criteria & exclusion criteria. The pre assessment was taken before intervention & post assessment was taken after intervention by using TUG, Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool and Cadence. Participants were randomly divided into two groups with n=18 in each group. Group A received Tai chi exercise while Group B received Pilates exercise. The treatment was given for 6 weeks ,3 days/week. Statistical analysis was carried out using paired & unpaired t test. Results: Tai chi & Pilates exercise was effective on improving dynamic balance and Gait in elderly. on intergroup comparison using unpaired t test, there was no significant difference between effect of Tai chi & Pilates exercises (TUG p value =0.1739), (Tinetti p value =0.3378), (Cadence p value=0.3433) which implies both exercises were equally effective on improving dynamic balance & gait in elderly. Conclusion: Tai chi & Pilates were equally effective on improving dynamic balance & gait in elderly, except both could not improve walking velocity as gait improves in qualitatively manner.



Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy