JAAD-D-20-00846R1: Retrospective Study of Factors Affecting Medication Adherence in Patients Prescribed Efinaconazole 10% Solution for OnychomycosisSupplemental Figure

Published: 24 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zcdstk62bs.1
Albert Wu,
Shari Lipner


Supplemental Figure 1: Proportional Age Distribution of Patients: The proportional age distribution of patients by age across groups based on number of prescriptions filled: 0 prescription, 1-4 prescriptions, and 5-13 prescriptions. All three groups followed a normal distribution, with patients of the 41-70 range making up the majority of the group. Groups with a higher number of prescriptions filled had higher proportion of patients aged 61-70 and lower proportions of patients under 40.