Hyperspetral fluorescence images of an pH+O2 dual-analyte optical chemical sensor

Published: 23 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zchkwzh3kk.1
Silvia zieger, Klaus Koren


This dataset contains examples of the original hyperspectral images used for the calibration of pH/O2 dual-analyte optical chemical sensors (so-called optodes). In addition a spreadsheet summarises the spectral response of the dual-analyte sensor upon data preparation. Those data are published together with the paper "Machine Learning for Optical Chemical Multi-Analyte Imaging | Why we should dare and why it’s not without risks" For data extraction from the hyperspectral images, data preparation and machine learning model development, please have a look at the programming code written in Python which can be downloaded from GitHub (https://github.com/silviaelisabeth/ML_for_pHandO2).



Optical Imaging Technique, Machine Learning, Adaptive Sensing, Analytical Chemistry Data Analysis