Study for The impact of the Aristotelian duality of theoria and praxis in the development of Putnam's pragmatism

Published: 6 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zcrn8zgg26.1
Mohammad Ohadi Haery


This Article has Critical investigated for development of Putnam's pragmatism and has presented of Putnam's critiques to different dualities, Claim of The Collapse of the Fact/Value Dichotomy and end of Putnam's pragmatism that resulted to problem of "Ontology possibility" and to issue pronounces the death of Ontology. Then with view of comparative, we expressed Aristotle's opinion about duality of Theoria and Praxis; and "Separation of Morality" has investigated as Aristotle's best solution for problem of "Ontology possibility". At the end of article we explained that contrary to Putnam's critiques to his previous comments and his try for free of different dualities; Putnam's pragmatism have not separation of duality of Theoria and Praxis. On Putnam's philosophy as "Metaphysical Realism" to "Internal Realism" and "Pragmatic Pluralism", Accompanied with "duality of Theoria and Praxis" and Accordingly, development of Putnam's pragmatism and his tendency to Ethics, just explained with impact of the Aristotelian duality of theoria and praxis. In this way, Unlike Putnam's opinion, his critiques on Metaphysic has not Confirmed to Rejection of Ontology but But this critiques, reminds us that important of "Separation of Morality" in Contemporary Philosophy and Reconsidering on Aristotle's philosophy.



Shahid Beheshti University, Mofid University


Philosophy, Philosophy Method, Morality, Philosophy of Cognition