NIR datasets from two batches of γ-PGA were used to validate the model transfer method.

Published: 27 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zcyr4syjn5.1
Yunxin Wang,


NIR spectra of two batches of γ-PGA product solutions were collected. The highest concentration was 50g/L, and five concentrations were obtained by dilution: 50g/L, 37.5g/L, 25g/L, 18.75g/L and 12.5g/L. The two batches of γ-PGA were produced in different processes (including but not limited to fermentation species, quantity and substrate) to validate the NIR model transfer methods between different samples. The NIR spectra were collected by the MPA Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectrometer (Bruker Optics Inc., Germany) equipped with TE-InGaAs detector and Opus 6.5 analysis software. The spectral wavelength scanning range was 12493-4000cm-1, the scanning resolution was set at 4cm-1, each sample was measured for 3 times and averaged. The format of data saving as: .mat. The sourcedata.mat contains the NIR spectral data, wavenumber and concentration labels of the first batch of γ-PGA solution, and targetdata.mat contains NIR spectral data, wavenumber and concentration labels for the second batch of γ-PGA solution.


Steps to reproduce

Data can be read using either matlab or python.


Yanshan University


Near Infrared Spectroscopy