The ore mineralization characteristics of Na Luong area, Kham district, Xieng Khoang province, Laos PDR

Published: 27 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zd258v7yhs.1
Le Tuan


Abstract Na Luong area, Kham District, XiengKhoang province, Lao PDR has a complex geological structure. The exploration results of Indochina Mining Joint Venture Company (IMC) have determined that in the area of Phou Bo mountain, Na Luong village, Kham District, XiengKhoang region. There are 2 iron orebodies (TQ.1, TQ.2), 3 copper orebodies (TQ.3, TQ.5, TQ.5) and a potential ore outcrops (HT.10-3, HT.10-9). The analysis results show that the Fe content varies -from28.5% to 58.7%. The ore-bearing rocks and the adjoining rocks are gray skarns having a solid structure with the mineral composition is mainly pyroxene and garnet. Copper ore bodies’bedding is inclined to the Westwith dip angle from 55o to 85o, the thickness from 0.7m to 20.59m. Coppercontent from 0.14% to 5.59%. The ore-bearing rocks and adjoining rocks are gray metamorphic (skarn) rock with massive structure, granulose, panidiomorphic and grain textures. The mineral composition ismainlygarnet and pyroxene. This article introduces the results of geological and mineral survey in the area of Na Luong village, Kham district, XiengKhouang province, Laos PDR of IMC. The exploration for iron ore and copper ore was conducted by Northwest Geological Division. In this projetc, the author is a supervisor of the IMC Company. Keywords: Copper ore, iron orebody, fault, skarn, Na Luong, XiengKhoang.



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