Data for: nfluence of Thermal Shocks on the He Induced Surface Morphology on Tungsten

Published: 1 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zdp84dj4m5.1
yukinori hamaji,
Arkadi Kreter,
Akio Sagara,
Hitoshi Tamura,
suguru masuzaki,
Ryuichi Sakamoto,
Masayuki Tokitani


Figures of the paper and SEM images for the figure 3. The filenames of SEM images for fig.3 were constructed with consecutive number and location name. The locations of each images taken were determined by SEM images with low magnification with filename "locations.png". plot.dat is a file contains the raw values of average size and hole density of each images. "macro_a.ijm" is a macro file for imageJ software.



Surface Modification, Nuclear Fusion