Published: 10 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zdty4r8v7z.1
Pilsu Jung


This is the experimental materials for the paper entitled "Automated Code-based Test Selection for Software Product Line Regression Testing" The materials include the followings: • subject SPLs and test cases: all subject SPLs used for the experiments and their test cases generated by the EvoSuite tool • tools: the bytecode instrumentation tool based on BCEL, the tool that generates the test case partition table and the SRTST • Experimental data.xlsx: our experimental data and the completed results This data shows an experimental evaluation of our method using six product lines. The results show that without missing any fault-revealing test cases, our method reduces, on average, 14.8% ~ 49.1% of the end-to-end time to perform regression testing by the Ekstazi_SPL, which is an application of Ekstazi to SPL.



Computer Software, Productivity