The growth of different probiotic microorganisms in soymilk from different soybean varieties and their effects on anti-oxidant activity and oligosaccharide content

Published: 18-02-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zdwmsh5hz9.1
Marguerite Niyibituronsa,
Arnold Onyango,
Svetlana Gaidashova,
Samuel Imathiu,
Marthe De Boevre,
Diederik Leenknecht,
Ellen Neyrinck,
Sarah De Saeger,
Pieter Vermeir,
katleen raes


The data include the growth of lactic acid bacteria in soymilk in term of log CFU/ml, the effect of fermentation on pH, Titratable acidity, total phenolic compounds, oligosaccharides, antioxidant activity.