Dataset of Indian face images with various expressions

Published: 4 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zfcd4bny82.1
Madhavi Dachawar


Fast and precise human emotion classification and detection is a quality parameter in various industries and research areas. This is a continuously evolving research area that consistently garners attention from researchers. Machine Learning (ML), deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods have demonstrated considerable potential in solving classification and object detection challenges. A pristine and well-curated dataset stands as the fundamental prerequisite for constructing precise and resilient ML and AI models suitable for real-time applications. With this objective in mind, compiled an image dataset consisting of Indian facial expressions with Happiness, Thoughtfulness, Anger, Surprise, Sadness, Fear, and Excited and these facial expressions are captured in three directions front, left side, and right side. The dataset has been segregated into six folders: 1) Happiness 2) Thoughtfulness 3) Anger 4) Surprise 5) Sadness 6) Fear 7) Excited. The dataset comprises over 6,000+ images in raw format. We believe that this raw dataset will significantly aid in training, testing, and validating machine learning models for facial expression classification or recognition.



Machine Learning