Dataset with the results from the development of Shapi, an open-ended AI tool for boosting creativity during shape exploration sketching

Published: 16-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zgnjyxdmp4.1
Andrés Arias-Rosales


Shapi is a tool that was developed for assisting the exploration of shapes in early conceptual design. It uses a genetic algorithm, machine learning methods, and stochastic nudges to generate global and local shape variations. The purpose is for these variations to spark new ideas and help identify interesting patterns. A series of case studies were conducted where Shapi was used to explore the shapes of different consumer products and abstract patterns with goals oriented towards industrial design, graphic design, and artistic open-ended exploration. A survey was conducted to evaluate the potential usefulness of the results taken from the case studies. This dataset includes the original survey, the complete survey results, and the inputs and outputs of the case studies.