Data for: Investigating the softening of weak interlayers during landslides using nanoindentation experiments and simulations

Published: 21 August 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zh9f759gb9.1
Xuhai Tang, Jingjing Xu, Yufei Feng, Kang Bian, Zhengzhi Wang


Three shale samples are immersed in water for different immersing time t (t=0days, 1day, 3days, 5days, 10days). Then these samples are tested using the nanoindentation experiment with Berkovich indenter and Cube Corner indenter. The indentation grid of Berkovich indenter consists of 225 indentations, and the indentation grid of Cube Corner indenter consists of 100 indentations. The data includes the elastic modulus and hardness measured by Berkovich indenter, as well as the hardness measured by Cube Corner indenter.



Micro-Mechanics, Nanoindentation, Hazard Analysis, Property of Rock Mechanics