cyberloafing and interpersonal facilitation

Published: 9 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zhktwyxny9.1
明智 丁


Our study collected data from 367 employees of Chinese manufacturing companies, and its results revealed that (1) cyberloafing is negatively related to relational attachment at work; (2) relational attachment mediates the negative relationship between cyberloafing and interpersonal facilitation; (3) both initiated task interdependence and received task interdependence weaken the relationship between cyberloafing and relational attachment, and (4) that the indirect effect of cyberloafing on interpersonal facilitation via relational attachment is weakened by both initiated task interdependence and received task interdependence. The hierarchical regression analysis was used to verify the findings. Cyberloafing was measured with 8 items;relational attachment was measured with 4 items;interpersonal facilitation was measured with 5 items; ITI (initiated task interdependence) and RTI (received task interdependence) were measured with two 3-item scales. Three demographic variables (gender, age, and job tenure) were controlled for.



Organizational Behavior