Carbon isotopic fractionation of alkenones and Gephyrocapsa coccoliths over the Late Quaternary (Marine Isotope Stages 12 to 9) glacial-interglacial cycles at the western tropical Atlantic

Published: 17 July 2021| Version 9 | DOI: 10.17632/zhmwhjjs63.9
A. González-Lanchas,


Here we present εp measured on natural fossil samples across the glacial-interglacial (G-I) MIS 12 to MIS 9 (454-334 ka) interval at the western tropical Atlantic Ocean Drilling Program Site 925 together with a set of organic and inorganic geochemical, micropaleontological and morphometrical data from Gephyrocapsa coccolith on the same samples. Primary productivity and export production, potentially triggered by shifting growth rates and light level conditions, and the changes in Gephyrocapsa cellular dimensions are controlled by either proxies or direct measurements, allowing to parse out the load of non-CO2 effects on εp. We also determined oxygen and carbon stable isotope vital effects in the near monogeneric separated Gephyrocapsa coccoliths (respectively δ18O Gephyrocapsa-T. sacculifer and εcoccolith)



Micropaleontology, Organic Geochemistry, Paleoceanography, Alkenones, Coccoliths