Data for: Development of a coupling between a thermal-hydraulic system code and a reduced order CFD model

Published: 21 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zhtdbbwr8d.1
Sabrina Star, Giuseppe Spina


These files contain the raw simulation results of coupled RELAP5/CFD and coupled RELAP5/ROM simulations. The best-estimate system code RELAP5-MOD3.3 and a ROM of the finite volume CFD solver OpenFOAM (using the open source code ITHACA-FV, are coupled by a partitioned domain decomposition coupling algorithm. An implicit coupling scheme based on an interface Quasi-Newton algorithm is adopted. The simulations results of open and closed pipe flow configurations consist of - the time evolution of the mass flow rate at coupling interface 2. - the area-averaged pressure calculated at coupling interface 2. - the stand-alone system thermal-hydraulics solutions at coupling interface 2. - the time evolution of the relative error between the reconstructed fields and the RELAP5/CFD results (CFD sub-domain). Each folder contains a README file with additional information.



Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Software, Computational Thermal Hydraulics, Exchange Coupling