AI Dialog Software Application

Published: 19 November 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/zhv2wfnprv.3
Francis R Belch


The experimental AI Dialog Software Application is able to build a Mental Model from a plain English Dialogue input. Subsequently, Comprehension and Logical Capability may be tested using plain English Queries. AI Dialog is used to experimentally test the validity and utility of a novel software application design, as a path to Conversational Artificial Intelligence. The theory behind AI Dialog is fully described in the book: Belch, Francis R. (2021) Artificial Intelligence That Can Comprehend, Available at: There are also two YouTube lectures each of about 1 hour duration describing a radical new theory of Linguistic Semantics used to implement the AI Dialog Software Application. These are: Semantics I - A radical new approach - link address - Semantics II - Dialogues & Mental Models - link address - This is a download of the executable of the AI Dialog Software Application Version 3.2 Alpha Release. This version supersedes Version 3.1 to allow both U.K. and U.S. spelling in user input. The AI Dialog Software is protected by international copyright, but is made available to use for non-commercial personal study purposes. The application will run on Windows 10® PC, Laptop and Tablet systems, and requires about 1 M byte. The download file is zipped and needs to be unzipped. After this, the content of the folder AI Dialog 3.2 Alpha Release is: • Application Files (Folder) • Documentation (Folder) • NLP2016Autumn (Manifest) • Setup (Application) In the Documentation folder are two PDF files: • Appendix I - Tuition Lessons (PDF) • Appendix II – AI Dialog Specification (PDF) The first is a hard copy of the tuition lessons. The second is a specification of a subset of English for use with the AI Dialog system. However, there is no need to consult either of these initially, as AI Dialog incorporates a quick start tuition module. To install AI Dialog, double click the Setup file. This starts AI Dialog immediately after installation, but places an application icon on the Windows 10® Start list for restarting later. After AI Dialog starts, just follow the pop-up message instructions, which lead to a quick start interactive tuition module, fully describing how to use the application.



Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Reasoning in Semantics