Preparation and Quality Evaluation of Malt Based Weaning Food

Published: 1 February 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zj3y3n332t.1


Formulation, Preparation and Quality evaluation of malt based weaning food was carried out. Four weaning foods were produced with barley, millet and soybean in varying proportions. Formulations were designated as A, B, C and D. All these formulated products were subjected for sensory evaluation in terms of Color, Flavor, Texture and Overall acceptance on a 9 point Hedonic rating scale. Sensory studies confirmed that the formulated products were acceptable. Among all the four different formulates Product B was found to be preferred most.Based on the overall acceptance it was concluded that product B has the most important influence on the quality of malt based weaning food. The best product i.e. Product B was subjected to proximate analysis and the results obtained showed that the product contained 6% moisture content, 17.735% protein, 10.71% fat, 3.11% crude fiber, 3.9% total ash and 58.545% total carbohydrate. The product could be served in the form of porridge with water/milk.



Analysis of Variance, Food Technology, Formulated Food