Proteolytic dynamics of human 20S thymoproteasome

Published: 02-04-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zjhhc2bm9p.1
michele mishto,
Juliane Liepe,
Ulrike Kuckelkorn


Fig. 2A For the sequencing of the cDNA band marked with an arrow in the Fig. 2A: - 12.12. 16 seq results_332.docx (outcome of the sequencing of the band, confirming that the band is indeed a the hPSMB11). - RT-PCR_PSMB11.docx (description of the protocol for the RT-PCR, which produced the samples shown in Fig.2A left panel). Fig. 2B From Orbitrap analysis: - trypsin-gel-sample: 161116_C55_1.mgf 161116_C55_2.mgf Fig. 2D Quantification of the beta5 and beta5t subunits in the purified C5.5 20S proteasome sample as shown in the Fig. 2D, by using Aqua peptides. (spot 42 belongs to PSMB5 and spot 69 to PSMB11) - - pmf_42_151324957637.txt - 42_MS_1.t2d - - 69_MS_1.t2d - pmf_69_151324958364.txt