Visual Recognition System for Gas Meter Calibration

Published: 3 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zjpm35vmbp.1
Luisa Pineda


Files to build a computer vision based on raspberry pi for automatic detection of odometer on mechanical gas meters. This repository contains dataset for training an OCR based on TESSERACT for the digit recognition, phyton scrip based on Open CV and aditional files and more documentes to build a device capable of recognition of odometer for counting volume flow with a resolution in liters.


Steps to reproduce

This folder contains PCB design for an adicional circtuit board, this is used to generate a 24V level Output Pulse from Raspberry Pi, this complement hardware allows to indicate when a liter has been detected by the system so test bench can know volume flow registered by the gas meter.


Universidad del Cauca


Computer Vision, Hardware System