Tier-based Dataset: Musa-Acuminata Banana Fruit Species

Published: 26 May 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/zk3tkxndjw.2
Eduardo Jr Piedad, Laura Vithalie Ferrer, Glydel Pojas, Honey Faith Cascabel, Rosemarie Pantilgan, Julaiza Larada, Ian Paul Cabinatan


Each folder inside the banana image dataset folder contains a banana tier with its six side images. The number corresponds to its sampleID. There are 194 banana tier subjects with six images corresponding to its side views: front, left, right, back, top and bottom. A total of 1,164 banana images. The banana_features.csv shows the extracted features: RGB (red, green, blue) color values, the image side view, class and finger size. There are four class values with its respective numerical value (1: ‘extra class’, 2: ‘class II’, 3: ‘class I’, 4: ‘reject’) and there are 65, 49, 30 and 50 samples per class, respectively. Note that the finger size feature was taken by manually measuring the length of the top middle finger of a banana tier ("hand") in millimeter (mm). This specific finger was assumed to have a regular size compared to other fingers. This dataset can be used for machine learning classification of banana based on its features. In addition, the available images can be used for automating the manual measurement of the top middle finger size.



University of San Jose Recoletos


Computer Vision, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Fruit, Image Databases, Classification System, Banana, Postharvest Extraction, Horticultural Techniques