Troubleshooting and Interfacing Problem in WAN Aggregation Router

Published: 23 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zkh939khw4.1
Sakshi Sinha


This a case study on a Cisco router. There are various types of Cisco router like Branch router , WAN Aggregation router, Edge routers,AP (Access Points), Wireless router , Virtual routers and many more. The WAN Aggregation router is studied in this case study. As per the issue in the router, the gig port 0/0 is not working as it is not showing any type of indication. The interface between the router and laptop is done via console cable then a similar interface is done on a gig port. A putty terminal is used for the troubleshooting the commands on a router. On the console screen the version of the IOS is checked (the image is checked) , the internal fan speed and the temperature is also checked but there was no discrepancies in the result.Then the router is checked with multiple cables still there was no indication at the gig 0/0 port. Then the router was requested for a replacement as it was declared faulty.



Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology


Router, Network Routing, Networking