CBDC adoption CZ, SK

Published: 8 July 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/zkmfbj69tb.1
Ivan Soukal


Data that were gathered via CAWI questionnaires in Czech rep. (CZ) and in Slovakia (SK). LABELS files provide a verbal description of answers, VALUE files are coded. Please note that CZ file got 2 sets of variables/questions: "K##" questions are related to the digital koruna (CZK) and "E##" questions related to the digital euro (EUR). SK file got only EUR set of questions.


Steps to reproduce

Our models were constructed using the PLS-SEM method implemented in SmartPLS 4, version software (Ringle et al., 2022). The PLS-SEM algorithm settings were as follows: a stop criterion of a maximum of 3,000 iterations, 10-7 precision, and using a bootstrap. A total of 5,000 bootstrap samples were created to estimate the confidence intervals and p-values for individual model assessment.


Univerzita Hradec Kralove


Technology Adoption